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Postings by Tom Holmsley
  Fly-In / Fun-Fly

El Paso Radio Controllers Ray Hall Fun Fly

by Tom Holmsley   September 17, 2018

The El Paso Radio Controllers held their Annual Ray Hall event on Sunday, September 9, 2018. Participation was outstanding with the clubs from Alamogordo, Horizon City, and El Paso represented.
Military Flying awards went to:
1st, Michael Morgan, Corsair, Horizon
2nd, Tony Lovette, P-47,El Paso
3rd, Oliver Bimberg, DR-1, Horizon.
Civilian awards went to:
1st, Todd Penka, Piper Tri-Pacer, Alamogordo
2nd, Phil Gibson, Cessna 150, El Paso
3rd, Ernie Morris, Stinson Reliant, Alamogordo
There were many other awards including several for static display.
The support team was large and included organizers, judges and great cooks who presented a fabulous meal.
This was a fun day and a great tribute to our hobby.

  picture  picture 
 All Ray Hall Memorial award winners. Support team for Ray Hall Memorial 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

El Paso Radio Controllers Meet for Model Aviation Day August 11, 2018

by Tom Holmsley   August 12, 2018

The El Paso Radio Controllers met to celebrate Model Aviation Day, and it was a fun time for all. There was a lunch and raffle and good flying. Not only did regular members participate, but there were a number of visitors as well. It was a great day to celebrate our great hobby.

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Mesilla Valley RC Association Fun Fly

by Tom Holmsley   July 30, 2018

On June 9, 2018, the Mesilla Valley RC Association held a Fun Fly at their field in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There was a lot of activity with fliers coming from Alamogordo, El Paso, and Horizon City. There were awards for Pilots Choice, People's Choice, and a Contest Director's Award. Pilots Choice went to Tom Holmsley, AMA AVP, with Peoples Choice going to Todd Penca, President from Alamogordo. The CD's award (Mike Moore) was won by 3 pilots from Alamogordo all flying magnificent Corsairs in formation. They were Maurice Morgan, Michael Morgan (son), and Fred Upshaw.
There was also a drawing for prizes donated by Bitgo Hobbies and club members. Al Sigert donated an Albatross which was won by Rey Quiambao, EPRC, and Dod Fordham donated a Yak which was won by Javier Garcia of Horizon City. There were other drawing winners including Antonio Flores Jr. who won a Rascal kit and a $50 gift certificate from Bitgo Hobbies. David Blanke from Horizon City won a gift certificate from Olive Garden, and member White got a gift certificate from Applebee's.
Congratulations to the MVRCers for hosting such a fine event.

  picture  picture 
 Antonio Flores, Jr, EPRC Rey Quiambao, EPRC 


IMAC Competition, Horizon City RC Fliers

by Tom Holmsley   May 4, 2018

A great International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) Smack Down event was held April 28 and 29 at the Horizon City RC Fliers Club field near El Paso. There were 22 fliers from the combined Southwest and South Central IMAC Regions. This includes Louisana, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Arkansas. Those coordinating the event were Southwest Regional Director Doug Pilcher from Sherman, Texas, Area Director Rich Whitlow from Baton Rouge, Lousiana, Area Director Dave Powell from Sherman Texas, and Mike Taylor and others from the Horizon City Club. Competition was divided into Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, and Unlimited classes with 10 maneuvers in each class. There was no limitation as to the type of plane, but there was a size restriction of 48 inch wing span up to 42 percent, and no minimun age. In this event, Rhett Lambert, age 15, was the youngest contestant, and he was first in Sportsman Class and Freestyle. He attended the NATS in Muncie and is qualified to compete in World competition.
The winners in each class were:
Free Style, Danny Sander
Sportsman, Rhett Lambert (and Freestyle)
Intermediate, Michael Marcellin (and Raw Score)
Advanced, Randy Wagner
Unlimited, Bill Adams (and Seniors over 50)
Their photos are shown below.
This outstanding IMAC event was the first for the Horizin City RC Fliers and already plans are being considered for next year.
Congratulations to all for making this such a fine event.

 L to R Randy Wagner, Michael Marcellin, Bill Adams, Danny Sander, Rhett Lamber 


Alamogordo (New Mexico) RCers Club Picnic

by Tom Holmsley   May 3, 2018

The Alamogordo RCers sponsered a very pleasant and fun club picnic at their great field April 28. It was very well attended and the food was delicious prepared mostly by club president Todd Penka. Note the twin Corsairs flown by Maurice Morgan and his son Mike. T Morgan family is shown below.

  picture  picture 
 LtoR Michael's family Sophi, Emilia, Mike, Heidi, son Phil, Maurice, wife Edith Walt Packwood with his 107 inch wing span Phoenix Super Cub with a DLE 50 

District News

Horizon City RC Fliers

by Tom Holmsley   April 6, 2018

The Horizon City RC Fliers utilize two flying sites. One field was built by Danny Sander (kneeling in the green shirt), and to show Danny their appreciation for his contribution, members of the club presented this Horizon A-26 to him.

 Members of the Horizon City RC Fliers with Danny Sander in the green shirt. 

District News

3 Generations Change Windsock

by Tom Holmsley   March 27, 2018

Three generations replaced the windsock at the El Paso Radio Controllers Patriot Field. Don Geyer (standing right) started flying at the EPRC field in 1963, but started U-Control in the 1940s and also flew in Alaska and Germany. His son John, also standing, has been flying RC for many years, and he brought his son Ryan (on the ladder) into the hobby at an early age. All 3 are avid fliers and great supporters of the club.

 Don Geyer, standing right, John Geyer also standing, Ryan Geyer on the ladder. 


El Paso Radio Controllers STEM Event

by Tom Holmsley   February 12, 2018

On Saturday, February 10, The El Paso Radio Controllers participated in a Science, Technology, Engineering,and Mathematics Fair at the Harmony School of Innovation. They were able to inform the public about the hobby and their club and share information about The AMA.

 Holly Geyer, John Geyer pres, Ryan Geyer, Tom Holmsley, Fritz Gatlin, RickGatli 


El Paso Radio Controllers Ray Hall Event

by Tom Holmsley   December 6, 2017

The El Paso Radio Controllers held their annual Ray Hall Memorial Scale Model Airplane event on September 3, 2017 to honor Ray Hall and all members who have passed away since. Their field was established around 60 years ago in north east El Paso, and has been an outstanding club ever since. There were 60 airplanes and 28 pilots registered. There was plenty of flying, fellowship, and good food making for a great time for everyone. The C.D. was Fritz Gatlin.
The Officers are:
John Geyer, President
Joe Salazar, VP
Dennis Lee Linden, Treasurer
Rick Gatlin, Web Master
Mike Greeson, Safety Officer


Horizon City Swap Meet

by Tom Holmsley   December 6, 2017

The Horizon City RC Fliers met July 30, 2017 at Danny Sander's field for a great swap meet with lots of fun flying, good fellowship and plenty of good food. The Horizon City RC Fliers is an exceptional group that has been flying on the east side of El Paso for many years.
The club officers are:
Jeff McMillin President
John Verslype, VP
Mike Taylor, Secretary
Manfred Balster, Treasurer/Web Master
Preston Ramos, Safety Officer

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Alamogordo RCers, July 8, 2017

by Tom Holmsley   December 5, 2017

The Alamogordo RCers is a great club in New Mexico located in the cradle of American's space program. It has a beautiful year 'round flying site at the foot of the Sacramento Mountains near the White Sands National Monument, The New Mexico Museum of Space History, and Holloman Air Force Base.
Their event took place on July 8, 2017. It was well attended and lots of fun with a variety of interesting air planes.
Their officers are:
Todd Pemka, President
John Harris, Treasurer
Maurice Morgan, Safety Officer

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club

by Tom Holmsley   December 5, 2017

June 10, 2017,was a great day for the Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The club was started in 1959 and is still very active today. They have an outstanding field with two paved runways and lots of shade courtesy of the City of Las Cruces.
19 pilots signed up for several fun events including a paint ball shoot-out, open flying, and drone flying.
Congratulations to the MVMAC and wish them continued success in the future.
Jerry de Long, President
Fred Upshaw, Safety Officer
Mike Moore, Contest Director
John Womack, Co-Contest Director


Vice President

Lawrence Harville


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