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IMAC Competition, Horizon City RC Fliers

by Tom Holmsley   May 4, 2018

A great International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) Smack Down event was held April 28 and 29 at the Horizon City RC Fliers Club field near El Paso. There were 22 fliers from the combined Southwest and South Central IMAC Regions. This includes Louisana, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Arkansas. Those coordinating the event were Southwest Regional Director Doug Pilcher from Sherman, Texas, Area Director Rich Whitlow from Baton Rouge, Lousiana, Area Director Dave Powell from Sherman Texas, and Mike Taylor and others from the Horizon City Club. Competition was divided into Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, and Unlimited classes with 10 maneuvers in each class. There was no limitation as to the type of plane, but there was a size restriction of 48 inch wing span up to 42 percent, and no minimun age. In this event, Rhett Lambert, age 15, was the youngest contestant, and he was first in Sportsman Class and Freestyle. He attended the NATS in Muncie and is qualified to compete in World competition.
The winners in each class were:
Free Style, Danny Sander
Sportsman, Rhett Lambert (and Freestyle)
Intermediate, Michael Marcellin (and Raw Score)
Advanced, Randy Wagner
Unlimited, Bill Adams (and Seniors over 50)
Their photos are shown below.
This outstanding IMAC event was the first for the Horizin City RC Fliers and already plans are being considered for next year.
Congratulations to all for making this such a fine event.

 L to R Randy Wagner, Michael Marcellin, Bill Adams, Danny Sander, Rhett Lamber 


RMFM Fall Pattern Classic

by Brian Regan   September 20, 2015

This weekend RMFM had their Fall Pattern Classic. I went out on Sunday to watch al little. Jeff Hill was the CD and did a good job. Bob Thompson was there to help. This event would not have happened at RMFM's field with out all the work Bob did. Thanks Bob.
There were 16 pilots. The flew 4 rounds on a very windy Saturday. On Sunday the wind was much nicer with low temps. They flew 2 more rounds and the unknown round on Sunday. Every one I talked to seemed to be having a good time. RMFM did a good job and would like to see more flyers come out in the spring for their next pattern contest.
This was a good event and well worth the time to come out and fly.
Thanks RMFM for putting on a good event.


  picture  picture 
 The flyers and their planes. Trying to gather the pilots for a picture. 


Abilene Radio control imac tune up

by Tony Breyen   July 11, 2015

A great turnout at the abilene radio control club 3D and IMAC tuneup today 20+ 42% airplanes. From Texas and Oklahoma getting ready for the next major competition and a meet to be held here next year. Instead of the usual hamburger we had barbecue ,potato salad and banana pudding a great lunch Very friendly bunch of guys would definitely suggest coming fly with them.



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