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EPRC Flying Cupids

by Tom Holmsley   February 27, 2019

The El Paso Radio Controllers held their "Flying Cupids" Fun-Fly and Swap Meet on February 9, 2019 at Patriot Field, their home field. The events were timed loops, timed flight, and spot landing. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place medallions, donated by Ray Welch, were presented to the winners. Congratulations to Rick Quast, the over all champion. There was also a raffle for a P-47 donated be Ray Welch and won by Tony Lovett, and a P-51 UMX donated by Phil Gibson, won by Kevin Parker. An added attraction was firing paint balls at a MIG-27 piloted by Bobby Avvacato. Tony Lovett scored the only hit on this plane.
All this was topped off with tasty brisquet, baked beans, chips and a drink.
It was a very fun day for everyone with perfect weather.

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 Kevin Parker, Rick Quast(Champion), Tony Lovett, Eric Truster, Guy Barber Paint Ball Squadron, Tony Lovett scored only hit, Bobby Avvacato, pilot. 


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